Monday, February 23, 2009

Yesterday (now it is a couple days ago)was our big time field trip to the Korean Folk Village.  The trip started out with me basically revealing my disinterest in the random girl next to me on the bus, as I slipped on my iPod and nodded off into nappy time.  The one annoying thing about these kinds of ori
entations is that everybody feels like they absolutely have to talk to each other.  I do not feel that way. I hate small talky and I no talky with you just to feel like a part of this yuuuuge organization.  Enough negativity though..about the folk village!

The village was about an hour outside of  my current city of Cheonan.  We arrive and met up with some Korean guides, who spoke excellent English.  Our guide was very funny and engaging.  He cracked penis jokes and made sure everyone got a chance to humiliate themselve in the royal punishment doohickey. 

 There was a giant gathering of stacked stones bound by thread.  The guide described the structure's resemblance as unity of people and nature, blah blah.  Many people write wishes on pieces of paper and tie it onto the strings.  I wrote a wish for my sister and attached it quickly before the group ran away.  I ate some sweet rice taffy candy as we walked through the old housing structures.  We learned more about ondol flooring, which is the ingenious Korean heated flooring system.  i have ondol in my dorm room.  It is awesome.  

Then the best part came, when we got to eat.  The program gave us lunch money, or as Sarah calls it "glunch money", in the amount of 10,000won, or $10.  That 10,000won got me a delicious meal of denjang chigae with 5,000won
 to spare!  The denjang chigae was not as different as I have had before, but it did have enoki mushrooms and little tiny oysters instead of the cheap button mushrooms and baby shrimp that "KC" dishes out.   There were about six old ladies working their butts off, serving up bubbling hot soups in black crocks.  We ate outside, in the middle of winter.  I did not even notice the cold since my soup was scorching hot! Nice and toasty.

Then with some of my remainder money, I bought some roasted chestnuts from a little lady.  So delicious and hot!  Bryan and I walked around the village before all the fancy performances.  Surprisingly, there were a lot of Korean families at the village.  I never would have thought to go to a folk village in the middle of the winter time, but it was full of people.  I crossed the river on a scary narrow bridge, my knees started to shake since I was kind of nervous!  Then the performances began, I had already seen similar Korean dances and entertainment so I was impressed, but not completely in awe.  Drum and dance groups, see saw acts, old man on a tight rope, and equestrian tricks.  The best guy was the "ring master" during the horse riding tricks, he had this silly smirk on his face every time he cracked the whip.  

For now, I do not want to talk any more about the village, it was a tourist attraction for sure, and though I enjoyed it, it felt like a weird disney land. haha.

ok so I started this blog days and days ago, but got lazy with it. I promise I will keep it updated more.

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  1. Are those pictures ones you took? They look very profesh for some reason. Ha ha, that's funny you didn't talk to the girl, I should've done that to the Jesus freak I had to sit next to on the bus in Washington D.C. Gives massages to help heal others like Jesus, my butt! He's probably a total perve:) I love these stories, Sarah wants more!